Sunday Contemplation

I spent yesterday with a best friend. We had a brilliant catch-up. She’s presently living in Amsterdam so I haven’t seen her in person since January 1st. I miss seeing her name in my diary for coffee dates.

And we got into the usual heavy thinking part of our “so… what’s going on then?” And I hedged because I didn’t want to voice out loud what was in my head. Now I’m not putting it here either. I will discuss it with both my best friends at some point.

But right now I’m not sure how to put it into words. If I even want to.

But after our conversation I had a startling revelation. I want my blog to be uplifting for me, and in turn for you. That’s not to say I won’t share the other stuff. But my thinking is, if I strive to stay light, not in my content, but in my demeanor I’m hoping it will have an external effect to how I see things and hopefully my actions will change also.

So to that end on certain days it is harder for me to blog (three days a week I go to bed early because I’m at work for 4am). I am determined to blog everyday until it’s a habit. So my plan is to have some inspirational quotes ready to post, posts about my favourite books. Music I’m loving at the moment. And I’m now carrying a notebook around with me to write the super duper cute things my little man says. By blogging every day, I don’t think about it. I just write. I’m hoping you want to read my ramblings and that I actually have something interesting to write.

Tomorrow I’m going to start by writing what my typical day looks like. You will be my accountability for being rubbish and procrastinating. Not giving my little man 100% of my attention. He starts school in September and I truly feel like I’ve wasted the last 4 years together. But no more. We’re having fun and dates.

Thanks for reading

Good night all



Author: gemmalouise

Hey I'm Gemma I live in Cheltenham, England with my partner of 11 years, our 5 year old son and 13 year old cat. I love reading, anything and everything; novels, blogs and self-help books. But not horror. I'm a bit of an obsessive blog reader. Once I've found a blog I like, I start from the 1st post. The blogs I read are about normal family life, craft and getting organised. I would love to be more crafty. Through my blog I am hoping that I can find a craft I love and would really like to be good at it. A very wise woman once said "You can choose what you do, but you can't choose what you like to do" I am super untidy and dis-organised. But dream about being "better". It's a slow process but I keep trying. I love cooking, making lists, writing notes and watching cookery and crafting programmes. Thanks for reading Love you all

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