Today was a good day. Worked this morning 4-8 so I was feeling a little bit tired. But hey I started work at 4. Wasn’t expecting to feel to lively until I got home to my 3 year old. He was “full of beans”.

Got cracking on the baking. Whipped up 16 little fairy cakes, both vanilla and chocolate. 

We worked on the alphabet. My little task for the summer holidays helping him learn it and be able to write it. Then did some stickers and puzzles. He still went to bed not quite ready to sleep. In this heat where does his energy come from.

Painters were in today repainting the hallway and glossing the doors. Looking really good.

Even managed to get some me time, had a hour out walking with my best friend. Just walked and talked. In the sunshine it was lovely.


Hope your day was as good and productive

See you all tomorrow



Happy birthday to my grandad

Today I’m thinking about my amazing granddad. He would have been 84 today but he sadly passed away 2 months ago. I’m just about to head up to the cemetery to take his birthday card and flowers. In our family we call it “Grandads garden” The little ones seem to like this idea.

He has a beautiful plot looking up to the hills and gets the sunshine all day. Which he would love because he was a real sun worshipper.

Then we are going to spend some time with my amazing nan, who is trying to be so strong and brave.

We spend a lot of time together me and my nan. Just gossiping eating cake and going out for coffee. She’s worked her entire life brought up 6 children and loves having all her family around her. And there is a lot of us. 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

Curse of a big family lol

Are you from a big family or small. Would you prefer it differently?


Hope you are all having a peaceful happy day



Happy Monday

1st day of the summer holidays. Planning lots of mini adventures for us. No holiday booked until October so we’re having a staycation. I’ve devised a “Bucket & Spade list” Can you see what I did lol. I’m sat here grinning to myself. Very easily pleased.
I’ve put little things on there for day to day with just us 2 but then more exciting activities for when G is home. I’ll have a go at uploading the list tomorrow or the next.

Hey 1st Post (FYI It’s kinda long)

Eek 1st post!!

I’ve been writing and rewriting this for 3 days hoping for some semblance of perfection. I’m not ever going to be happy with it so here goes!


Its Sunday now but I wanted to share a few things with you that happened this week.

Isaac has had a big week of 1st and lots of excitement. His 1st party invite outside the family. A little buy from his playschool. He was very excited.

His 1st sports day. It was epic. Such a proud mummy. 2nd in his egg & spoon race  and 1st in his bean bag throw. Definitely need to practise before next years and get competitive. Some of the mummies were CRAZY lol.

Then he had his last day at playgroup, so sad. His favourite play-leader wasn’t there to see it which is a shame. His last day at playschool. Big boy in September he’s a Preschooler!


I’m just going to keep writing about my little man. Isaac wanted me to take him to bed last night, me and dad alternate. He’s tucked up in bed, fan on. I’m sat next to him singing our usual nursery rhymes, he turns over “It’s time for sleep, stop singing mum” So I’m quiet for a heartbeat “I’m not a sleep yet, sing quietly now”.

He comes out with the cutest things.

His thing today was “Mum’s the softest, dad’s the hurtest”  I think he’s describing our faces. Gavyn has a little face stubble going on. Love that little man he does make me laugh.


WARNING I’m about to gush!

As a mum I’m always amazed at the capacity Isaac can make my heart swell. He’s a page boy next Saturday for my cousins wedding. Today he got to try on the entire suit. Aww he’s just the cutest.

I’ll post pictures next week of both the sports day and wedding.


On a different topic, us Brits love to discuss the weather. And the weather here is crazy. Wickedly hot and sticky one moment then amazing thunder and lightning. Some amazing shots were taken if the lightning. If I can figure out how to post them I will.


Complete newbie to the blogging world so may take me some time to figure out how everything works. Please stay with me xxx


Thanks for reading

Love you all