Upcoming week

This week will be a hard slog. 3 days at work and summer camp, then off camping Wednesday evening. The trailer isn’t ready! The house is a bomb site after a week off making memories. This weekend was a bust after getting totally plastered with the school mums on Friday. Saturday spent hungover on the sofa and today my eibs feel like the are completly bruised and cracked! A humongous pile of laundry to get through. It is also my baby brothers 21st birthday tomorrow. Am I an awful human being for being thankful that he doesn’t want a family meal, we really don’t have the time. Then it is my brother-in-law’s birthday on Tuesday and parentals anniversary on Wednesday. Which is just adding to a long list of things to do. I am huge on family and it isn’t the obligation that it sounded like! I just wish I had more hours in the day to do what needs to be done and celebrate with the people who matter and still manage to get some proper sleep.
I can but dream and persevere



New feature

Hi all

Wordless Week

This is my new feature. Every week I will post pictures from the previous week. It will only be 5-7 pictures, with only a caption to describe it. Nothing arduous.

I will post about other things, in more detail or to strike up a discussion. Or to just ramble on and get my crazy thoughts out of my head. Or just because I found a beautiful quote I want to share.



Have you ever had that moment when you know the answer but just have no recall at all!!!!

Well I’m there. I found a blog a while ago as I was wasting time on the web. I had it bookmarked on my phone and never got round to saving it on here. Then I dropped my phone. ¬†Smashed the screen to bits. So I sent it off to be fixed.

I was warned that it would be completely wiped. But I felt confident that I could remember the name. I’d been reading the blog for a couple of months. But I can’t. I’ve tried scouring the web to no avail.

If you recognise any of these clues or have a suggestion to how I can find it again.


I think the blog has the word “Realistic” in it. (Helpful aren’t I)

The picture on the home screen is of a lady with dark hair. One side of her face is perfectly done and ready for the day. The other is what real life with kids can sometimes be like. Makeup smeared from the night before with hair sticking up all over the place.

The author is a teacher who has, if memory serves me, 3 children. They live in Australia. Recent posts include the story of her caesarean births, preparing children to be school ready and another I can remember is summer fun, her list of things to do and her one rule.

Its probably gone forever and I’m feeling sad and a little bit ridiculous because of it.

Thanks for reading guys


The picture

Sunday Contemplation

I spent yesterday with a best friend. We had a brilliant catch-up. She’s presently living in Amsterdam so I haven’t seen her in person since January 1st. I miss seeing her name in my diary for coffee dates.

And we got into the usual heavy thinking part of our “so… what’s going on then?” And I hedged because I didn’t want to voice out loud what was in my head. Now I’m not putting it here either. I will discuss it with both my best friends at some point.

But right now I’m not sure how to put it into words. If I even want to.

But after our conversation I had a startling revelation. I want my blog to be uplifting for me, and in turn for you. That’s not to say I won’t share the other stuff. But my thinking is, if I strive to stay light, not in my content, but in my demeanor I’m hoping it will have an external effect to how I see things and hopefully my actions will change also.

So to that end on certain days it is harder for me to blog (three days a week I go to bed early because I’m at work for 4am). I am determined to blog everyday until it’s a habit. So my plan is to have some inspirational quotes ready to post, posts about my favourite books. Music I’m loving at the moment. And I’m now carrying a notebook around with me to write the super duper cute things my little man says. By blogging every day, I don’t think about it. I just write. I’m hoping you want to read my ramblings and that I actually have something interesting to write.

Tomorrow I’m going to start by writing what my typical day looks like. You will be my accountability for being rubbish and procrastinating. Not giving my little man 100% of my attention. He starts school in September and I truly feel like I’ve wasted the last 4 years together. But no more. We’re having fun and dates.

Thanks for reading

Good night all