Upcoming week

This week will be a hard slog. 3 days at work and summer camp, then off camping Wednesday evening. The trailer isn’t ready! The house is a bomb site after a week off making memories. This weekend was a bust after getting totally plastered with the school mums on Friday. Saturday spent hungover on the sofa and today my eibs feel like the are completly bruised and cracked! A humongous pile of laundry to get through. It is also my baby brothers 21st birthday tomorrow. Am I an awful human being for being thankful that he doesn’t want a family meal, we really don’t have the time. Then it is my brother-in-law’s birthday on Tuesday and parentals anniversary on Wednesday. Which is just adding to a long list of things to do. I am huge on family and it isn’t the obligation that it sounded like! I just wish I had more hours in the day to do what needs to be done and celebrate with the people who matter and still manage to get some proper sleep.
I can but dream and persevere



Yes I am still here


Yes I am still around. I have just reread my last post and realised how long its been since I blogged, and that I had loads and loads of stuff to share that had happened before then. And loads since. So this week I will be writing everyday to catch you all up.

Stay with me, we’ve been busy.

See you tomorrow

Thanks for still reading



Catch-up January

Its January 22nd, but it won’t be posted until tomorrow. I’m getting ahead because I feel the need to write.

January has been a month of goodbyes, trip to the hospital and a chance to start making the changes I want.

My best friend started a new job in Amsterdam. So I said goodbye to her on 1st January. So I’m learning how to Skype and WhatsApp.

Skype is going to take some getting used to. I don’t like mirrors, at all. So sitting looking at myself for 2 hours is off putting. Can anyone tell me how to turn it off. Do I really need to see myself?

I have a date planned with my very best friend on Friday. We are off to afternoon tea. I feel so blessed that the 2 days she has back here to see her husband, she’s spending half a day with me. Then I will be booking my flight and joining her for a girlie weekend in Amsterdam. See her new pad, hit the shops and of course out for food.

Update – Best Friend is feeling unwell so may not being meeting her tomorrow for afternoon tea 😦

I had a week of bad health and lots of pain. I hate to say it I took an awful lot of strong painkillers to get me through. I saw a consultant but basically told to suck it up, there is no action they can take. Just have to wait a little till me body handles it. It did eventually. I just about managed. If it wasn’t for the Big Man finally stepping up and helping, we wouldn’t have eaten that week.  I’m all fine now, just still trying to catch up on the laundry and the little mans bedroom toy explosion.

I was very ambitious about what I expected from myself this year. I’m making a good start. I could say something negative but I’m giving myself a break from being overly critical and praising myself for all the little things.  We all need to give ourselves a pat on the back and stop ragging on ourselves. It doesn’t help. There is enough in the world to make us feel bad about ourselves.

6 Weeks in 1 post

Hi everyone

Merry Christmas Happy New Year and Happy Birthday if you’ve had one since 14 November 2014. That was when I last posted!!!! So this means this is my 1st post of 2015.

So instead of writing loads I’m going to attempt to show you my life in the last 2 months in photos and pictures.

Selfie before we go out to celebrate our 10th Anniversary
Selfie before we go out to celebrate our 10th Anniversary

Relationship disaster a week before little mans 4th birthday.

He's 4 today :)
He’s 4 today 🙂
New balance bike
New balance bike
I need some practice with my icing!
I need some practice with my icing!

Then it was my mums birthday, she turned 53. And didn’t want a fuss. We got her vouchers so she could buy the furniture she wanted. She got a bargain and was over the moon.

We had a visitor for the run up to Christmas. Elf on the shelf. Little man called him Twinkle Twinkle
We had a visitor for the run up to Christmas. Elf on the shelf. Little man called him Twinkle Twinkle
He came through his own little door. Sooo cute
He came through his own little door. Sooo cute

I loved the idea of this and I did kinda have fun sorting it out. But I was having such a busy and stressful December it was adding unnecessary pressure. Next year it will be awesome!

Truffle making with the bestie :)
Truffle making with the bestie 🙂

Fun at the Panto!

20141213_115551 20141213_142011


He’s behind you!!

I had a birthday too. I turned 32 and to celebrate we had a family night out to Westonbirt Arboretum. A mile of woodland, all lit up by lights. It was awesome. A new family tradition. The hog roast rolls, alcoholic hot chocolate and mulled cider finished it off perfectly.

Westonbirt By Light
Westonbirt By Light
My nan, me and my mum
My nan, me and my mum
My birthday cake made by my very best friend.
My birthday cake made by my very best friend.

I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday cake. I was a child. This year I was spoilt and had 2.

The Innkeeper! The most important part of the Christmas Story.  Such a proud mummy.
The Innkeeper!
The most important part of the Christmas Story. Such a proud mummy.

We went to visit Santa. Little one loved it.

Christmas Day was lovely. We visited my mum and Big Mans Dad and my Nan. All my brothers and sisters were at my mums so it was fab. Then we went home to spend the day just the 3 of us. I had the flu so after all the prepping I couldn’t taste the dinner 😦

To finish Christmas off we had a whole family party/get together. Me and my two sisters spent all night dancing in the kitchen with our microspoons.

Introducing the Crazy Sisters
Introducing the Crazy Sisters

This takes us to 30th December. I spent a very quiet and reflective New Year just me, little man and Big Man.

A very long post, thanks for sticking with it.

Hope your new year has started peacefully and happily. If you have made new year resolutions, are you still with it, if not don’t worry. Tomorrow is another day.

Start again


Full Friday

Here we go again. I wrote the entire post but got distracted by cooking dinner and big man coming home from work, that I accidentally deleted the entire thing.

Hello everyone

Definitely had a better day today than yesterday. Ankle is still a bit sore but manageable.

Today is Children in Need so little man went to preschool in his pj’s. They all looked adorable. I will say though that getting him ready this morning felt wrong. Changing him from pj’s into more pj’s. I had a set of normal clothes ready for him to change into when he’d finished because we were going straight out for lunch. Nan’s treat. It was a lovely few hours out. And I’m a bad granddaughter because it was the 1st time this week I’d managed to get round. Just so busy at the moment.

While little man was at preschool I nipped out and ran some errands. Fill up the car, parcel to the post office. It is an unanswerable question. But why does it always take so long in the queue at the post office? I also went to The Range. I love this shop. I spend a fortune on junk I never knew I never needed 😀

I was after nice paper and envelopes for the little mans birthday invitations. I’ve set the date for a week Monday, because I want it to be before his birthday and this is the only day I can do, and give the parents enough notice. I’m leaving it a little late. Very disorganised.

We’ve only invited 5 friends to his tea party. The house just isn’t big enough for any more. I’ll post more about his birthday plans closer to it. Can’t believe he will be 4!!!

So at the store I found the cutest Christmas sweetie jar. Yeah I said it Christmas. I love Christmas. Always have, always will. Couldn’t resist it. Will look great on the side in my kitchen 🙂

Anyway so I’m now sat with my feet up, resting my ankle ready for work tomorrow. The men are sat eating their dinner. I’m not eating, still full from lunch. I’ll have a snack later.

This post is shorter than version 1. But thats fine. I’ll leave it there so I can get back to the family. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post tomorrow. We are child free! Spending some quality time with the big man. It’s our 10 year anniversary.

Have a good evening.

Thanks for dropping by


Should be a Monday (can I go back to bed pleaseeee)

Hi everyone.

Hope your all having a much better Thursday than I am.

6.55 am woken up by Big Man ready to leave for work. Woke fresh and rested. We didn’t have a 3 am visit from the little man who stays the rest of the night. Yay ::smiling::

8.30 am All ready to leave the house for preschool. Morning was calm and no shouting by either me or the little man.

Got out to the car to find in the middle of the road, the back off my wing mirror ::sad & miffed off::

8.57 am Little man has an accident and I don’t have a change of clothes. I have religiously had spare clothes with us from the day he was born. But the past two weeks I’ve started not to. Serious mummy error. So I leave him at preschool in borrowed pants and trousers, no socks and slippers at least 1 size too small.

But I can’t fret about this. I need to haul ass to the next town over to do 2 1/2 hr at my little ironing job. And today, workers are coming to measure up for new carpets. I drive the 10 miles only to get there and find I’ve left the house keys at home. So I drive all the way home. Rush rush rush!!!

AND down the stairs I fall. Twisting ankles as I go!!!! ::Crying::

So I’m now sat with my feet up. In agony. I can’t find any painkillers. Little man has swimming in an hour and I don’t think I can manage to hobble and drive.

I’m also supposed to go to the post office. Get birthday invitation supplies. Bake a lasagne.

Instead I’m not moving and looking forward to bed time.

Hopefully a better day tomorrow.

Take care out and about today weather is turning horrid again.

Bye for now and thanks for dropping by


Welcome to my mad busy world

I’m back and will be back blogging everyday, except Sundays.
Lots have been going on since I last posted.

3 holidays
1 family crisis
1 court case
3 family illnesses
1 poorly cat
and I’ve been out of commission with illness 3 times
6 family birthdays
1 huge sort out of the little ones room
1 work hoo haa
Lots of girlie nights and copious amounts of wine, gin and chocolate
Christmas shopping
Planning for the little ones 4th Birthday end of November
Planning shopping trips
Joined a ladies beginners running club
And read about 30 books

Phew that was a lot. I’ve been busier than I thought!

Things are just calming down and it’s half term next week. The new school year started 7 weeks ago and I’m still not in a routine. I think I’ve finally nailed it and something crops up. The housework, cooking etc all go to pot! Then I’m fighting to catch back up.


In 1 of my previous posts I mentioned my Summer 2014 bucket list. Not only did I not manage to get it up on here for you all to see but I barely did anything on the list either!

Which I will say left me feeling like a rubbish mummy.

But I’m focusing on what I did get right and just going to keep trying to improve myself and the life of my family.

By showing up, doing the work, being present and being grateful for the miracle that is my child. The joy he brings even on our bad days. And my partner who I don’t give enough credit to and doesn’t get the best of me.

And all you of you, my lovely readers will be my accountability crew.

I plan to post what I want to achieve and how I want to behave on here every day/week. Haven’t decided yet on best timetable so I’ll try both and see which works best. Then I’ll update on how I’m doing.


I’ve now spent a further 2 days trying to get to grips with the blog and its formats. And I don’t mind admitting this blog has seriously shown me how lacking in knowledge I am with todays computing. 4 years out of the work place and I’m struggling with the new technology.

But I’m trying and I’m trying to find the right people to ask for advice. I’ll be reaching out to bloggers who use wordpress in my area for advice and help.


A few quotes I’m finding appropriate at this moment.

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” Gretchin Ruben

“Every man makes his own summer. The season has no character of its own. Adventures are what make a summer. Have an adventure” Robertson Davis

“If I want my home to be a serene, loving & welcoming place, I’m the one who has to be serene, loving & welcoming”


Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow